Areola Micropigmentation Tatooing

areola-micropigmentationAreola micropigmentation or tattoo is a cosmetic procedure that is done to hide or enhance the color of the area surrounding the nipples of the breasts. The color can be made to look a bit more brighter, or even replaced in the event that the areola is removed through some type of breast surgery. This procedure is mainly geared towards women who are not satisfied with how their areolas look and want to either improve the color or would like to fix any irregularities that there are.

Micropigmentation or permanent skin tattoo is a procedure that can be used to improve the overall color of the skin. This procedure is similar to having a tattoo done. Ink is placed into the region of the skin that needs correcting. This procedure can have the areolas looking natural, especially if it is done by a skilled technician.

Physician Background Check

Before having areola tattooing done, it is very important for the patient to check the background of the medical personnel who will be conducting the procedure. The patient should be aware of how long they have been performing the micropigmentation procedure, how many procedures they have done, their professional licenses and certificates. The patient should also look through the portfolio of the work done by the doctor to get an idea of what they should expect.

It is very important to do research and investigations on these physicians as the work will be permanent and there are some medical professionals whose background, credentials and work are not up to par.

Areola Micropigmentation Consultation

When patient goes in for Micropigmentation consultation, the medical practitioner will address a host questions and give specific answers. The color of the patients skin and they types of pigments that will be used will be discussed. The physician should explain how certain pigments look on certain skin tones. They will also explain what to expect from the procedure, the technique used, their ability and past work. This is a good time for the patient to get a feel for who will be performing the procedure and what they should expect.

Preparing for Areola Tattooing

Areola tattooing is not an invasive surgery; as a result there is no real preparation that needs to be done. The main thing that should be done before having the procedure started is the patient making sure and explaining fully what they want. The tattoo is permanent, and to have it changed or altered is not an easy process.

Before having the procedure done, patients should not drink alcohol at least 2 days before the surgery. They should not take aspirin at least 1 weak before the procedure. All of these could cause the patient to bleed and could cause problems.

Nipple Areola Micropigmentation Procedure

The procedure for areola tattooing, is often done in the same way as a regular tattoo. A tattoo gun is often used in this will inject the ink below the skin. The ink that is used is usually made up of titanium dioxide or iron oxide pigments. Areola micropigmentation can also be done manually.
Before patients have their areolas tattooed, it is very important that they consult with their medical physician before the procedure is done. This is done to reduce the risks that could arise.


The amount of pain that the patient will feel will often depend on the person’s pain tolerance level. The amount pain is also dependent on the site of the tattoo.

The micropigmentation procedure is not very long, it can take up to an hour and a half to complete the tattooing of one areola.

After the micropigmentation of the nipple has taken place, the recently tattooed area will be sprayed with an antiseptic and water and then wiped off. Bacitracin will be applied to the area and the patient will often be given instructions to wash it at least two times a day.

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