Video: The Permanent Eyebrow Procedure

This video is a more intense look into the cosmetic tattooing of the eyebrows. This video goes in depth and shows the various aspects and step by step process as it relates to permanent eyebrows. There is no sound, so all you can do is just sit back and watch what is being done.

For people who are considering the permanent eyebrow procedure, then this is one of the videos you should watch. The lack of sound does not provide any serious insight, but it still shows what is being done.

Video: A Look at Permanent Eyebrows

This is a quick 1 min video that looks at the permanent makeup procedure in applying eyebrows. You can get a close up at what the tattoo professional is doing to the persons eyebrows. If you are planning on having the procedure done, then this is definitely a good video to watch as you can see a step by step process into what goes on with cosmetic tattooing the eyebrow.

The person doing the procedure will also explain what to expect after the permanent eyebrow has been applied. She states that after a few days the eyebrows will be scabby, but they will break away and heal and from there perfect permanent eyebrows will be available.